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From Upcycling Sheltered Workshops, courtesy of Susan Dlouhy & Patty Mitchell

The Power of “And”

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of chairing a panel discussion at the Ohio Arts Council’s Arts Impact conference, an event that celebrated the many delightful ways that the …

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Art Business podcast

Creating and Teaching Hand in Hand – Carolyn (Charlie) Bogusz & LaVonne Ewing

Artists need a platform to market and brand their skills as potentially both experts and instructors.

The elephant painting that Dance commissioned while she was in Uganda

The Missing Link – Make Your Art Accessible

I remember the day clearly even though it was many years ago. My 14-year-old self was standing in line with my mom at a local Starbucks when I spotted a particular piece …

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Cheryl Gross

The Catch-22: Mixing Media & Crossing Genre – Cheryl Gross

“Color within the lines and you get pigeonholed; cross media and genres, and they don’t know where to put you.”

Gonzalo Fuenmayor

Art and The Politics of Geography – Gonzalo Fuenmayor

Gonzalo’s comments on the role of the artist in an emigre environment (and in general) are fascinating.

Commissioning Artwork: A Curator’s Perspective

Commissioning Artwork: A Curator’s Perspective

When curating shows at Hirschl & Adler Modern, Shelley Farmer understands the pitfalls of commissioning artwork. A huge part of her role in curating shows is helping artists edit their …

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Collecting Relationships

Collecting Relationships

Jack Esterson and Tim Newton are collectors who understand the importance of relationship within the art world. For Jack, buying out of instinct and connection, “Friendships and relationships are…completely essential.” …

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Art Business podcast

Serious Business: Marketing Your Art in a Flat World – Bette Ridgeway & Sue Roderick

Being serious about your business as an artist is more than paperwork; it’s also mindset.

Jane Robinson

Stripping Down to Your Soul and Selling Art Like Hotcakes – Jane Robinson

Building your brand without sacrificing your craft requires both finding your public and going deep into the artist.

Working with Galleries

Working with Galleries

Many artists seek to work with galleries, but, as Constance Scopelitis points out, artists need to do their research before placing their art in the hands of just any gallery. …

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Artist’s Reputation

Building Your Brand and Reputation

How does an artist build their reputation and brand? For H. David Wright, nearly a decade of creating private commissions led him to realize that no one within the art …

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Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges

“How do you do the painting while, at the same time, sell the painting?” For P.A. Nisbet, this has been one of his greatest challenges, balancing the need to create transformative …

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Frank Juliano

Art Curation and Curriculum – Frank Juliano

Frank makes it his mission to bring innovation and community building to all aspects of the Arboretum’s programming and operation.

The Mill, Egon Schiele

Knocking Down Walls

Is the art-world pendulum once again swinging back toward realism? When asked about this for a recent Artspace article, Bill Arning, the director of Houston’s Contemporary Arts Museum, made the case …

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The Impacts of the Changing Art Marketplace: Relationships

The Impacts of the Changing Art Marketplace: Relationships

As a specialist in fiduciary responsibility at Stropheus Art Law, Richard Lehun explains the shift in professional relationships amongst those in the art market. Traditionally, artists have relied on their relationship with …

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How Customers Become Collectors

How Customers Become Collectors

When asked how to turn first-time buyers into collectors, P.A. Nisbet and Constance Scopelitis share how they engage with customers, relying on natural and organic communication over techniques to “make” …

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