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The Centennial of American Modern Realist Painter Clark Hulings Launches with a Birthday Gala in Santa Fe

Celebrating the Centennial of modern realist painter Clark Hulings (1922-2011), The Clark Hulings Foundation will throw a 100th Birthday Party in Santa Fe, NM, November 20th, 2022, to launch a …

The Centennial of American Modern Realist Painter Clark Hulings Launches with a Birthday Gala in Santa Fe Read More »

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Shift Your Art-Business Mindset

Solo business owners of any type have to wear a lot of hats. Sales, Marketing, Promotions, Finance, Budgets, Graphics, Goals, Inventory, Website, Social Media, etc. etc. It can be overwhelming. …

Shift Your Art-Business Mindset Read More »

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Building a Path to a Flourishing Creative Culture

We get more by generating a conversation among artists who are thriving, economically empowered, and independent of tastemakers.

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The Figure Behind the Figure: An Interview with Ruth Millington

“The feminist in me knew I had to write Muse and reclaim the term for a truer account of art history to exist.” —Ruth Millington

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Healing with Glass

CHF Art-Business Accelerator Fellow, glass artist Terri Albanese, offers hope, healing, and acknowledgement to healthcare professionals.

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The First Art Exhibition of its Kind to Tour Ohio and Kentucky Hospitals

Ohio contemporary glass artist Terri Albanese has teamed up with Ohio and Kentucky hospitals and their communities to give back to the essential healthcare workers who have given so selflessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Passion Meets Purpose: Why Our Communities Need Thriving Artists

What’s the magic sauce for creating a healthy, functional creative practice that sustains us and contributes our best to our uncertain world?

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The Athlete, The Academic, and The Artist

What would happen if the average adult did not know how to “fit into” society and share themselves with others? Our economy would not grow, our science would not advance, and our societies would be fraught with despair.

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Why Are You Here—And What Are You Doing About It?

Artists Matter. They are the living, breathing human beings with the talent, skill, and guts to go beyond dreaming, start creating, and make everything possible.

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How to Support Artists and Art Organizations During The Holidays

Why miss out on an opportunity? Here are ways to Support Artists and Art Organizations During Holidays.

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Virtual & Analog Art

We can have one foot in the world of visceral taste and touch and another foot in the digital world without having to split ourselves in half.

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