Consulting for Success

Access to a robust consulting network is a hallmark of any professional field or endeavor. Small business owners routinely leverage expert advice. Professionals rely on consultants for guidance on everything from public speaking to closing more deals. Creative professionals require the same things in order to thrive, but tailored to a creative context.

Two Types of Consulting

Group Consulting

CHF does not merely provide didactic learning exercises, but individualizes learning through group consulting opportunities. Learning transference occurs when knowledge is reinforced by practical implementation and experienced expert evaluation. CHF provides small group consulting in the form of labs, group evaluations, and hotseat exercises as part of its Sponsored Fellowship program (Art-Business Accelerator) and at conference events.  By receiving consulting in a group (vs. solo), creative professionals get an enhanced opportunity to hone their own career blueprint, pivotal projects, and entrepreneurial processes.

Consultant Network

CHF works with a network of independent consultants across professional strata, aligned with the needs of creative professionals and working artists. Consulting can help individuals zoom in on a particular need, such as Career Blueprint, sales, marketing, finance, legal and contract, negotiation skills, etc. Consultants teach our workshops and labs, so they are natural partners in extending the learning opportunity to more focused, personal attention. If you or someone you know is an independent consultant interested in working with CHF, direct them to our teach and consult page.

Consulting Examples


CHF's research demonstrates that shifting mindset results in changes to behavior that in turn produced concrete results and a tangible financial difference.

Project Consulting

Besides core entrepreneurial skills, getting help when developing, pitching, and implementing a pivotal project can be the difference between a successful enterprise and one that falls flat.

Business Skills

Marketing, sales, finance, legal—any independent professional or business owner must possess a substantive grasp of these core processes in the same way a startup or enterprise firm cannot afford to be good at one and terrible at the others.

Creative Development

Creativity that is locked up in interior processes, in the space of the soul, does not transform a career or prosper a business unless it's translated into practical applications that are sustainable and take into account market considerations.

consultant network

Leveraging Expertise

CHF has a lot of 'in-house' expertise on a range of things from technology to selling to brand storytelling, but it doesn't make sense to limit that to who we have on 'staff' at a given time. Creative professionals need the entire 360 of opportunities to strengthen their business practices, and the cause of a thriving creative culture is too important to 'own' it all or lock it up in a silo. Therefore, CHF partners with a whole range of experts, luminaries, and visionaries focused on strengthening the engines of a robust creative economy.

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