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Press and media in a free society are the essential mechanism for informing its citizenry of public affairs. Ensuring press has access to essential information and resources for its work is therefore imperative.

CHF can provide focused or general interviews or rapid input for articles, stories, and audio/visual media on the arts and cultural economy, creative intelligence and creative problem-solving, creative entrepreneurship, art and the opportunities for a cultural renaissance, the nexus of art and business, economic development around the arts, the working artist and creative placemaking. 

The Arts Industry

State of the Arts Industry

The arts engage all sectors of the creative economy, from art entrepreneurs to municipal and business leaders. Art now involves groundbreaking technologies like blockchain, AI, automation, and virtual reality.

There remains substantial work to be done that involves business and philanthropic leaders, municipal and state governments, and arts organizations. The center of the effort, however, is working artists and creative professionals, and CHF is uniquely capable of commenting on that reality.

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