Become an Ambassador

The cause of a creative culture replete with art and innovation depends on an empowered creative sector and the advocacy of leaders in business, government, education, mission-driven organizations, philanthropy, and the arts to use their influence to amplify opportunities for change and to empower artists and creative professionals.

Help Us Build a Movement for Change

Global Policy

Advocate to change the laws and policies that keep artists dependent.

Cultural Evangelism

Spread the word to millions of people unaware of our collective potential.

Public Awareness

Raise the profile of our work in equipping creative professionals to thrive.

Problem Solving

Ask pivotal industries to pair deep infusions of creative intelligence with creative capital.

Bring change to underserved communities: We welcome ambassadors with a particular focus, such as a particular creative sector or empowering women and minorities.

Ambassadors for CHF

Words that Drive Action

Your field of influence can involve meeting with representative leaders, drafting op-eds and letters to the editor for local and national media, hosting events, speaking to groups of cultural influencers, and sharing important information with students and local communities.

Help us spread the word.

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