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Why An Exchange

A healthy art ecosystem creates the conditions for all its participants to thrive. Industries in which some members are isolated or disempowered, and others rooted in silos, do not create the optimal conditions for prosperity. The key to a thriving visual arts industry is collaboration by all stakeholders from government and corporate decision-makers to nonprofit administrators, gallerists, retailers, educators, collectors, and individual working artists. We thrive when we all work to ensure that each cohort thrives, and when we secure a vibrant exchange of value and collaborative decision-making.

Thriving Art Exchange

A Community of Stakeholders

The Thriving Art Exchange brings together diverse stakeholders to offer big ideas and engage in spirited debate. Unlike a transactional approach in which people drop in, toss out a remark or two, and evaporate or, worse, dig in and troll, exchange participants are encouraged to invest in a real presence and work together for the benefit of all.

YOUR voice is needed in this dialogue. Each stakeholder is an essential part of a broader community and the industry at large. CHF is strengthening ecosystems on the ground, regionally, and then extending that capability through virtual and/or in-person group formation, to continue to nurture and support those communities. The digital version of "TAE" also connects ecosystems to each other for collaboration. Your group can be a part of that.

More than a forum page.

This is a Community

Both digital and face to face interactions serve as a starting point, where relationships are forged and next steps are planned. This is where a flourishing art economy begins.

The CHF Community

The CHF community consists of local groups, Facebook groups that participate in our ecosystem, OUR Facebook group, CHF campus members and Accelerator Fellows, The Artist Federation (TAF) chapters and seekers, our Advisory Board, CHF evangelist groups that believe in our mission and want to further it, and arts/artist/arts-industry groups we work with (of all kinds). It's not hard to plug in to the CHF community. Join us—we're growing and furthering the cause of art, the centrality of artists, and the advancement of arts as an industry, community, and means of coalescing creative intelligence around societal leadership.

Face to Face Exchanges

CHF holds several Art Business Conferences per year, with Thriving Art Exchange events built in. Whether you're a governmental or nonprofit leader, artist, collector, gallerist, art educator, retailer, or play some other role in the visual arts industry, we'd love your participation. There's an incredible opportunity to revitalize the culture and our shared industry, creating the conditions for all stakeholders to flourish.


As we add participants from every corner of the art industry and its supporters, we are growing with that demand. Facebook is a natural part of that growth.

Featured Virtual Groups

Want to be here? Reach out and let's chat!

Thriving Art Exchange

Thriving Art Exchange Group

Open to artists, arts industry professionals, municipal leaders, arts org leaders, corporations with a social mission, etc.

The Artist Federation

TAF Group

For The Artist Federation founders, members, aspirants who want to discuss how to build a peer network, and successfully collaborate on growing each participant's place in the arts industry.

Art Business Accelerator

CHF Fellows Group

For current and past CHF Fellows — participants in the CHF Art-Business Accelerator™ Program.

art-business consulting

CHF Consultants Group

For vetted members of the CHF consulting community of professionals who serve artists and arts organizations.

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