The Catch-22: Mixing Media & Crossing Genre – Cheryl Gross

Cheryl Gross

As a painter, illustrator, and storyteller, Cheryl Gross combines her signature humor and urban appeal to create intense narratives. Currently, she is working on a large project titled: The Z Factor, a fictional work of drawings and text depicting the persecution of a new race and a resulting third civil rights movement. She is also 2014 Clark Hulings Foundation Grant Finalist. What are the challenges when a fine artist wants to cross illustration, graphic design, film, poetry, blogging, and the graphic novel, all in a way that takes on current issues.


  • Blending fine arts and commercial arts
  • Parsing an art career as a way to make a living: “Sometimes you just need money”
  • Mitigating genre bias by breaking barriers between types of media
  • Crossing media from visual art, to the graphic novel, blogging, and film
  • The catch-22 of crossing genres and not having a pigeonhole to hide in
  • Being “Dr. Seuss on crack”!
  • Using the online art markets
  • Pricing commissioned work

Cheryl’s insights on The Foundationamental struggle of refusing to be pigeonholed while seizing a place in the market are a valuable addition to the learning program of CHF. More info on Cheryl Gross and her work, as well as her blog and book are at

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