Donor Advised Funds

Give to CHF with a Donor Advised Fund. Your gift will go to work on initiatives that help artists and creative professionals fill the culture with creative energy through their own thriving, self-sustaining businesses.

DAFs simplify your charitable giving: You create a giving fund to manage your charitable donations. DAFs allow you to give cash, stock, and other assets and receive a tax deduction when the contribution is made. Then, you may use the fund to grant specific amounts to CHF or other charities over time. The DAF allows you to combine favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to easily support a thriving creative culture.

How To Give With a DAF

Establish your DAF

Make an irrevocable, tax-deductible donation to a financial company like Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab Charitable that administers a DAF program.

Contribute to Your DAF

Contributions into your fund are tax-deductible. Determine the investment allocation of the donated assets (any investment growth is also tax-free).

Request Distributions

Whenever you wish to make a gift, request a grant distribution from your DAF through your DAF sponsor. You 'recommend' how much and often to distribute to CHF.

Express Your Wishes

Indicate whether your gift is unrestricted or designated to a specific CHF program. Note: you can also designate CHF as a beneficiary for your Donor Advised Fund.

Your Donor Advised Fund Creates Change

Your support helps the creators in our culture thrive, which helps all of us thrive in a robust, creative culture and economy, and, for that, we can’t thank you enough. Distributions from your charitable fund provide artists & creative professionals with the tools to thrive: professional training, peer networks, consulting for success. They are also used to conduct advocacy for creative culture and research into the creative economy, drive media and awareness, and produce data that engages the broader culture to see the value, significance, and opportunities in leveraging creative intelligence and producing measurable impact. Combine favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to easily support CHF and its mission.

Structured Financial Giving

Tips for Success

Financial institutions generally charge a fee to administer a donor advised fund, which is based on the assets allocated to the DAF.

Use CHF’s full legal name or EIN when searching a DAF charity database. CHF's employer identification number (EIN) is 47-1101236.

When doing your estate and legacy planning, you may also name CHF as the beneficiary of your donor advised fund.

We Can Help

To learn more about making a gift to CHF using your donor advised fund, please contact us at

OUR MISSION: The Clark Hulings Foundation (CHF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes the legacy of American painter Clark Hulings (1922 - 2011) by equipping working visual artists to be self-sustaining entrepreneurs. Founded in 2013, CHF showcases Hulings’ life and work as an example to today’s artists, and offers them a comprehensive art-business education so that they can thrive as he did.

Additional Giving Info

EIN#: 47-1101236
IRS 501(c)(3) Letter: [PDF]
Address: Clark Hulings Foundation, 1012 Placita Don Andres, Santa Fe, NM 87501

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