Sponsored Learning

You've got an audience or a constituency. Congratulations! That's step one. But now, you want to increase their engagement by increasing their effectiveness. The easiest way to do that is getting them powerful, even intensive training.

Whether it's an individual, a small group, or an entire network of people, the path to improved self-empowerment is one of the sweetest gifts possible. The underlying needs are also similar: improved insights, knowledge and skills, resources to consult for feedback, and the routine, constructive convening of a network of peers.

Some CHF Programming Formats

Sponsored Fellowships

Learning incubators and long-term intensive training for one or more people can ensure they not only acquire a range of new skills but achieve the fundamental shift of mindset necessary to change the conditions and pace of their success. A fellowship enables you to deliver a targeted learning experience without having to build it from scratch.

Virtual Conferences

We can now deliver learning opportunities to a scalable audience without the constraints of physical space, travel, and even synchronous availability. Virtual is essentially the baseline for learning. If you can raise the funds and fill the seats, CHF can deliver the programming.

Workshop & Lab Series

Learning doesn't have to be intensive to go deep. When you don't want to compress the time frame or even limit it (a series can go indefinitely), the goal is a pipeline of growth opportunities with multiple ways (workshops, feedback labs, peer events) for the audience to stay engaged.

Sponsored Learning Drivers

Your Mission | Our Mission

We have a lot in common. You're here because you want to empower a specific group of people. So are we. Our core skill sets (e.g. learning and peer networks) are the potential FUEL for yours. 

Just as our constituents are stronger in a bundle, so is a community of organizations, leveraging one another's strengths. Let's talk about the opportunities for your people to thrive. By focusing our energy along with yours, you increase momentum and opportunity.

Some Drivers for Sponsored Learning


Focus on a specific group or set of characteristics aligned with your mission and initiatives. We'll take on getting to know them, if we don't already, and ensuring what we deliver is aligned with their particular needs.


Shared place and cultural context is a normal basis for peers to create momentum. Whatever the context, CHF can adapt the learning environment and activities to suit while showcasing your local effort.


All entrepreneurs are creative entrepreneurs, but adapting examples to the specific context (whether gallery artists, market artists, photographers, or other creative professionals) can ensure knowledge is actually transferred and becomes transformative.


We're all in this to do good but not all the same good in the same way. Placemaking, arts awareness, and empowerment, for example, all share certain predicates, but learning is more effective when the mission drives the implementation.

Let's Build Something Together

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