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Artist Storytelling - Image by Stefan Keller

Nail Your Art Story: A Case For Putting Artist Statements in Story Format

Art with a story will consistently outsell art with no story. An art-story has three characters: the art, the artist, and the world. But how does that work, and how do we BUILD a story around our art practice?

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What Media Resource Has Helped Your Business?

There’s a lot of advice out there about how to improve your business, which can make it hard to know where to look for impactful content. In a recent CHF …

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Jenny Darroch headshot

Build a Brand That Gets a Response – Jenny Darroch

“The thing that trips students up the most is embracing that a commercial approach to art is OK.”

Steve Pruneau

How to Grow Your Customer Base and Increase Sales – Steve Pruneau

“It doesn’t matter what your art is, if your intention is to earn a living from it and thrive in your art, that proposal will help you figure out how you’re going to get there.”

Aaron Laux headshot

Engage New Sales Avenues to Increase Art Income – Aaron Laux

It’s been an evolution to be a professional artist, and it’s taken me a long time to get here….I’m coming around to really seeing this as not only what I do, but my lifestyle and my income.”

Art Business podcast

Identify Product-Market Fit for Entrepreneurial Success – Arree Chung

“The best way to learn business is to start doing it.”

Eric Rhoads headshot

What Independent Publishing Can Teach Visual Artists – Eric Rhoads

“One has to focus on strategy instead of tactic: tactic is the thing you’re going to do, strategy is the plan of how you’ll get respect, get well-known and get people to buy your work.”

Sales Letter image for DiGriz

Cook Better Sales Letters And You’ll Bring More People to the Table

You hear this phrase, “the art of the sales letter” and it sounds like there’s a magic formula, or that it can only be done by a guru. And yet, …

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Elizabeth Corkery

Digital Art Market Innovations: How to Engage Online and Off

Elizabeth Corkery is an installation artist and CHF Business Accelerator Fellow (2015-2016). Elizabeth, in conversation with CHF’s editorial coordinator, discusses the development of online art sales, and strategies that are …

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Quebec City Graffiti

Let’s Demystify the Pricing of Art

At a recent Sotheby’s auction, an untitled painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat set a record high, going for $110.5 million. A New York Times piece on the sale included information on …

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Ron Whitmore

On Selling Tools of the (Art) Trade – Ron Whitmore

“An artist recently said this to me about success: ‘You really just keep doing what you feel you need to be doing and if you do it long enough people believe it too’.”

maria brophy headshot cropped

Control How Your Art Business is Perceived – Maria Brophy

“When you’re younger, it’s fun to get that pat on the back, but you learn quickly that a pat on the back doesn’t pay the mortgage.”

Artist painting al fresco

Making Your Art Business “Investment Grade”

Throughout CHF’s year-long Business Accelerator, we are in constant communication with our Fellows and frequently request their feedback so that we can make the program even better. As part of this process, we compiled …

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Dean Mitchell

Create Your Own Success – Dean Mitchell

“I’m no Salvador Dalí, but I have built enough of a market that now I can start to work on leaving a legacy.”

Mary Ann Weems

How to Find Your Audience – Mary Ann Weems

“Average people were very afraid to walk into galleries. Affordability became the key. You didn’t feel the intimidation.”


Beyond Arts Education: Why Artists Need Business Training – Betsy Ehrenberg

“Sometimes they [artists] think earning money, charging for their work, is not something they want to do. They feel embarrassed to do so. It’s an attitude, I have no idea where it begins, but a lot of artists just look at the word ‘money’ and see a four letter word.”

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