CHF engages a host of diverse contributors committed to public and  philanthropic service, cultural abundance, and social and economic justice. If that's you, welcome!

Work With CHF

Skills-based volunteers bring their main talent or side-hustle and apply it to creating a flourishing arts and creative culture overflowing with self-empowered creative energy. Photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, audio and visual engineers, and others lend their labor, expertise, and creativity to this cause, in alignment with what they're already doing on a regular basis. Grow your portfolio and work on a powerful cause at once.

Organizers volunteer locally or across a network, consolidating support, recruiting, and setting up events. Get your company involved, teach & learn, start a CHF cultural impact club to lead and energize an effort to foster creative enterprise, create a philanthropy group that marshals expertise and charitable giving, or start a local city committee unified around a shared vision of investing in artist empowerment as a force for economic growth and cultural renaissance.

Service minded volunteers and interns join CHF's digital concierge team, helping connect creative professionals and working artists with resources, answering questions, and documenting points of clarity that need greater visibility or opportunities to create additional resources. Your fame will be in the faces of the people you help, and your satisfaction lives in the problems you solve. You're a critical linchpin is CHF's mission to equip art-entrepreneurs with the tools, training, information, and peer network opportunities they need to thrive.

Internships at CHF

Internships with CHF

We're glad you're interested in joining the CHF Team! The Clark Hulings Foundation equips professional and working artists with the entrepreneurial skills they need to run successful businesses and thrive in their careers. It's meaningful work with remote teams that are communicative, collaborative, and operate with a flattened hierarchy. We work with educational institutions to ensure you have college credit for your efforts, and we help you tell the story of your work on your resume.


The Clark Hulings Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in the US that provides business and entrepreneurial education to artists

Mentorship: Some internships consist of busy work and filing. At The Clark Hulings Foundation, we know the main purpose of an internship is education, and we focus on putting interns with strong, experienced mentors who can instill pivotal insights they can carry into their professional lives forever.

Learning: CHF maintains a robust learning program available to ALL its constituents, so learning is the DNA of every internship. This often includes live, interactive tutorials that train interns on how to execute projects effectively in a professional context.

Real-World Professional Experience: CHF uniquely combines an atmosphere of business and nonprofit, as we both execute a social mission and collaborate with industry leaders and government sectors to deliver full-on enterprise projects. Access to this range of contexts is rare in internship programs, but part of everyday reality at CHF.

Real-World Team Experience: Interns are integrated into a team of existing professionals with an array of roles, skills, and resume backgrounds. It’s a collaborative environment with a relatively flat hierarchy, affording interns the opportunity to learn optimal collaboration processes for modern teams.

Mission: Business with a mission and the business OF mission is what an organization like CHF brings to creative entrepreneurs, local economies, municipalities, and partner organizations. We find interns deeply appreciate working for a cause that matters, so their work pays last dividends they can feel good about.

The Contemporary Economy: The future is distributed teams, working remotely, bringing together a wide body of talents, and concentrating efforts on business outcomes by excelling at integrating a diverse workforce. CHF is cutting edge in that, even before March 2020, it operated on a forward-looking remote basis. The further benefit for interns is no major disruption to their lives, and fewer logistics around travel, accommodations, etc.


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