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Are you an independent consultant for creative professionals?

Audience Reach: Instructors who partner with CHF reach creative professionals—both our audience and the audience you bring.

Multiple Formats: CHF puts out both live and recorded training, through virtual social media events and its digital campus.

Co-promotion: Mutually promoting instructors’ efforts through email, social, and web (your channels and ours) ensures maximum visibility.

Sustainability & Mission: 20% of course fees go to the Foundation to further its mission of equipping working artists to thrive. 10% covers platform costs. And 70% goes in your pocket as the instructor.

Daniel DiGriz is a business owner with profound experience in sales, marketing, and education. He has numerous courses in CHF’s campus. Here’s what he has to say.

Consultant Instructors at CHF

Consultants typically have a range of revenue streams: books, courses, consulting services, etc.

The biggest challenge is visibility. Partnering with CHF creates additional visibility, without additional cost, and removes the headaches associated with singlehandedly bringing people to your website to sell courses.

Your Expertise, Our Infrastructure

Learner Fees: Our typical fee structure is $49 per course participant with lifetime access to the course. If your audience is accustomed to a different price point, we can flex.

Co-Branding: Our brand is on the website, in our social venues and on our campus (the Foundation is the wrapper). Your brand is on your presentation. You’re not required to utilize our brand template for the presentation itself.

Calls to Action: You can sell your books and consulting services, and send people to your website. We’re looking for partners who want to put out MULTIPLE courses with CHF, and we’d like at least one CTA to point to available courses and learning events at CHF.

Podcast: One of the ways we reach prospective learners is The Thriving Artist Podcast. Thousands of professional artists and creative professionals of all kinds listen to our show in the studio or on the go. We interview new instructors and get the word out about the topics they're teaching with CHF.

We're eager to learn about your teaching goals.

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