The CHF “Road Show”: Coming to a City Near You

Artists and creative professionals lead busy—heck, not just busy, INDUSTRIOUS—lives. That’s a key reason we bring art-business education to their regions and often to their hometowns, be it Dallas, New York City, Santa Fe, Denver, or Ft. Lauderdale. CHF is committed to providing working artists with key opportunities that accelerate their careers and optimize their businesses without their having to commit to a residency far from their studios, or return to their alma mater and ask, as so many do, “Why was this not built-in from the start?” But there’s more to it than that . . .

Arts organizations are already on the ground in these communities, and each one seeks to serve its local constituency. The Art-Business Conference is a way for CHF to collaborate with those groups to extend their mission, bring in powerful expertise, and create more engagement and awareness around what they offer. We do this by inviting those organizations to participate directly, through logistics and sponsorship.

Local and enterprise businesses have more in common with artists than they often realize. Creative professionals are not only powerful economic contributors, but they utilize other businesses, creating a net gain for both sides. Many companies have already declared a cultural mission or made a commitment to corporate social responsibility, and CHF provides a way, through commercial sponsorships, to achieve those aims while also connecting them with new customers and loyal brand advocates.

Other community groups focus on goals such as creating a resilient local culture, sponsoring minority and women’s participation in career growth and economic development, and fostering a more robust business community. These groups are natural partners that find in CHF an organization that “gets it” and offers creative ways to do something that’s visible and garners publicity yet also substantive, producing a measurable effect, through solid data, metrics, and analytics.

It doesn’t end with live learning or professional networking events. CHF offers follow-up programs to every event attendee, including a digital learning portal, online community, and—for those who are interested—our rigorous Art-Business Accelerator Fellowship (for which we are currently reviewing the 2019 applicants).

Our mission is both to equip artists and creative professionals to thrive, and to strengthen and extend the work of other organizations, companies, and groups that create the environment that makes that possible. So what’s coming up next?

FORT LAUDERDALE: It’s still early enough to get involved (as an artist or entity) in the the Ft. Lauderdale Art-Business Conference, February 1-2, 2019.

Ft. Lauderdale Art-Business Conference

WASHINGTON DC: The metro DC Art-Business Conference, takes place on March 23-24, 2019. Tickets are on sale, and we’re still recruiting partner organizations and sponsors.

Metro DC Art-Business Conference

At both of those native CHF events, artists and creative professionals will be blueprinting their careers, developing an action plan to make their businesses thrive, creating a brand narrative to win significant audience share, and building a strategy to optimize their income streams.

We also made an appearance in sunny MIAMI, at the 2018 Figurative Art Convention & Expo (FACE), which just ended last Saturday, November 10th. CHF doesn’t only conduct its own events; we bring dynamic speakers and world-class insights and perspective to our partners’ own events. It works both ways.

Everything CHF stands for can be understood from what we’re doing on the ground in locations all over the US. If you want to learn more, recruit us as a partner to your company or organization, or plug into one of our programs. Send us an email to let us know you’re interested.

Last week’s midterm elections may underscore how divided we are as a nation, but the work we do at CHF trumpets how much we all have in common, and how united we are in our vision of a powerful economy and a robust culture of entrepreneurs who contribute to it every single day.

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Sell More Art

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