Welcome to Thriving Tuesdays™

CHF strives to deliver education where working artists and creative professionals actually live, work, and hang out—and in multiple, digestible formats, ranging from granular to comprehensive. We do this (currently) through a podcast, digital courses, extended Fellowships, Virtual Conferences, Brown Bag Lunches for peer networking, and now Thriving TuesdaysTM!

We kicked off Thriving TuesdaysTM Tuesday, Dec 1st at 2 PM Eastern Time on Facebook Live with CHF’s Creative Director & The Thriving Artist PodcastTM host Daniel DiGriz. You can re-watch the video of “Instagram for Artists: Build A Storied Brand” on our Facebook Page here.

Daniel addressed some of these questions:

  • How do you do effective storytelling in Instagram—so you’re consistent but don’t run out of material?
  • What are some models of effective Instagram accounts you can follow that aren’t just more (bare) photos of art?
  • How can you do more effective shoutouts to extend your Instagram network?
  • What demographics can you reach on Instagram, and are they people who can or will ACTUALLY buy your art?
  • What price points are most effective for Instagram art sales?
  • How do you grow your Instagram sales if you’re represented by a gallery?
  • How does it actually WORK? Is there a template for being successful on Instagram?
  • What is the best way to interact with buyers on Instagram?
  • How much work is involved?
  • How do you avoid fraudulent purchases?

This is NOT a comprehensive “class.” It’s a lively presentation with LOTS and LOTS of examples of real-world working artists, some famous, many not, who are selling their work successfully on the Instagram platform.

WHEN: This session was live Tuesday, December 1st at 2:00 PM Eastern (and watch for the Thriving Tuesdays series continuing on the first Tuesday of the month!) You can watch the video anytime on our Facebook Page here.


OPEN: To anyone interested in growing their career as a working artist or creative professional.

RSVP: Follow our page: facebook.com/ClarkHulingsFund so you receive notice of future events. To be doubly sure, sign up for our email list.

Stay tuned for more! We’ll be hosting a free Thriving TuesdaysTM event on the first Tuesday of the month. Each “Vidchat” in the series is for creative professionals and working artists, and will be led by one of CHF’s instructors: Daniel DiGriz (Brand Story & Marketing), Carolyn Edlund (Sales Strategy), Elizabeth Hulings (Career Blueprint). Topics will focus on a pain point or concrete solution in building an art business or creative professional career.

How to Sell More Art

Sell More Art

Sign up (free) for an introductory course for professional artists: Sales Strategies for Growth.

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Penelope Thomas
Penelope Thomas is CHF's account manager and producer of The Thriving Artist™ podcast. She has worked with organizations including The Cunningham Dance Foundation, The Theatre Development Fund, Public Energy, Marla Kirban Voiceover, and The Construction Company. Penelope has a background (and sometimes a foreground) as a singer, dancer, and actor, and can be seen the HBO Women in Comedy Festival selected short, Pretty/Dead.

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