Accelerating the Business of Art

Congratulations to “Famous New Media Artist” Jeremy Bailey and his team on establishing the Lean Artist business accelerator. Lean Artist funds early-stage startups by investing 3,000 Euros in 10 artists. These artists go on to participate in an intense weekend in Hamburg, Germany, where they brainstorm, test prototypes, and present their pioneering enterprises. Lean Artist takes startup culture and combines it with the entrepreneurial spirit of artists, who for centuries have contributed to our culture as inventors and scientists. Why shouldn’t artists continue to be at the forefront of innovation and technology?

“Oddly, while cities have bent over backward to attract startup culture they have been equally determined to defund arts culture, especially in Europe,” Bailey points out in a recent interview with MotherBoard . “Lean Artist is basically my attempt to correct this wrong, by misusing the tools and processes of startup culture to support, um… real culture.”

At CHF, we’re excited to see another organization that’s working to equip visual artists with the tools, training, and mindset needed to drive their businesses forward and help them attain and sustain financial independence. We show artists how to build investment-grade proposals that will get them that funding. The next step, of course, is pitching those projects–not only back to us, but far and wide, to all potential investors and supporters. We are thrilled to have another partner in this arena–one who truly understands the challenges and opportunities that artists face in today’s marketplace, and we wish Jeremy Bailey and Lean Artist tremendous success with their inaugural cohort!

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Natalie Baumgartner
Natalie Baumgartner is the Educational Coordinator and Digital Reporter at the Clark Hulings Foundation. She is committed to the mission of the Fund and hopes to see artists enrich their businesses through the tools and grants offered. Natalie recently graduated with her Masters of Science in International Development and has worked for several non-profits, focusing on issues revolving around human rights and gender equity.

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