Passion Meets Purpose: Why Our Communities Need Thriving Artists

Adam McKay—the writer, director, and producer of Academy Award nominated satire Don’t Look Up—was recently on the SmartLess Podcast and memorably said that our world right now is like a bouncy castle full of hyenas and long-stemmed wine glasses.

Everyone is disoriented. The things that aren’t working, really aren’t working. So many of us know what our passions are, but don’t know how to make a living from them. Or we’ve found out how to make a living, but it’s not aligned with our purpose. And if we’ve figured out both of those things, we might be trying to situate our passion and purpose in the big picture. What’s the magic sauce for creating a healthy, functional creative practice that sustains us and contributes our best to our curiously-changing and uncertain world?

CHF Executive Director Elizabeth Hulings’ most recent Director’s View is a great place to start connecting the dots. Read it here.

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Penelope Thomas
Penelope Thomas is CHF's account manager and producer of The Thriving Artist™ podcast. She has worked with organizations including The Cunningham Dance Foundation, The Theatre Development Fund, Public Energy, Marla Kirban Voiceover, and The Construction Company. Penelope has a background (and sometimes a foreground) as a singer, dancer, and actor, and can be seen the HBO Women in Comedy Festival selected short, Pretty/Dead.

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