Belgin Yucelen – 7th Solo Art Series Art Competition

Clark Hulings Foundation 2017 Fellow Belgin Yucelen will be featured in a month-long solo online exhibition at the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery. Her bronze sculptures were one of four bodies of work chosen out of 81 entries in the gallery’s 7th Solo Art Series Art Competition. Belgin’s work will be featured on the gallery’s website and site between October 15th and November 14th, 2017.

“My art is dynamic; it changes depending on what I want to say. I create installations and sculptures, and I also make movies and audio exhibitions,” Belgin explains. “The form of my art is dictated by the subject matter.”

Light Space & Time’s Solo Art Series Art Competitions judges artists on the completeness of their bodies of work, including the quality and depth of the work, the artist’s statement, and the artist’s biography. You can read more about the selection process for this exhibit here.

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