Kristin LeVier – Gender Bend: Women in Wood, Men at the Loom

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Fuller Craft Museum presents the exhibition Gender Bend: Women in Wood, Men at the Loom. Clark Hulings Foundation Accelerator Fellow Kristin LeVier‘s work is included in the show. Kristin is no stranger to working in a male-dominated field: “I became a dedicated studio artist after nearly two decades as a research molecular biologist, and I continue to look at the world through the eyes of a scientist,” Kristin explains.

This multi-media exhibition features male weavers alongside female wood turners, challenging the perceptions of these two populations. This project will introduce the public to remarkable artists who challenge our long-held perceptions about their chosen fields, while encouraging new practitioners to consider mediums rich in possibility. The event is co-curated by Jon Eric Riis and Tib Shaw, and is geared toward community engagement, offering opportunities to engage patrons throughout the exhibition’s run.

“My sculpture is unusual, and it’s likely to resonate best with curious, unorthodox art lovers who have a bold sense of design and a passion for the natural world.” See Kristin’s work here.

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