The Thriving Artist™️ Podcast Makes the Top Ten

When we listen to host Daniel DiGriz interview a guest on our Thriving ArtistTM podcast, we certainly get motivated, and we’re not the only ones. Our show was just named one of the top-ten podcasts on iHeartRadio for its ability to inspire artists.

The podcast features the latest insights from artists, collectors, gallerists, and other art-industry professionals, so grab your headphones and let us be your muse. As Diana Brown tells it, the show will “help you go from surviving to thriving in no time.”

One of our favorite interviews featured Santa Fe artist and Accelerator alum Willy Bo Richardson, who talked to DiGriz about what he got from the Art-Business Accelerator program and how he navigates the corporate market. Listen here.

With more than 90,000 downloads, the podcast has reached listeners in 111 countries and all 50 states. Subscribe today, and stream or download the show here. It’s time to get inspired.

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Emi Dammers
Copywriter Emi Dammers is a comedian, writer, and hobbyist pie-maker living in Brooklyn. In addition to regularly performing stand-up in and around New York City, she deploys her wide range of talents as the host of the comedy-review podcast Sorry, Just Saw This, and is the co-creator and star of the scripted podcast Wizazon.

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