Blake Conroy – Brand 45

Blake Conroy‘s works on paper are included in the Brand Library and Art Center’s 45th National Exhibition of Works on Paper (Brand 45). Blake is a 2017 Clark Hulings Business Accelerator Fellow specializing in drawing, paper sculpture, and laser-cut paper and metal. Sunspot, Sunflower (pictured) is included in this juried show.

“Lately, I have been drawing the same image three times and stacking the drawings, which allows the viewer to see each image through the others,” Blake explains. “By doing this, as well as adding color to the different layers, I am able to create the depth I want for the finished piece.”

Come see Blake’s exquisite craftsmanship for yourself.

The show runs from September 16th – November 3rd, with an opening reception on September 16th from 6:00 – 9:00 PM.

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