The Party of the Century: Hulings 100!

You’re invited to Clark Hulings’ 100th Birthday! We’re having the party of the century in Santa Fe on Sunday, November 20th, 2022 at La Fonda on the Plaza Historic Hotel; AND we’re celebrating virtually on Thursday, December 1st with a worldwide community. Click here for tickets, sponsorships, and details.

The Santa Fe celebration kicks off with a strong drink—Clark loved a martini—and a greeting from a shaggy burro. You might already know that Hulings loved to paint donkeys and admired their hardworking spirits. This iconic animal is the perfect welcome to an evening of fun, inspiration, and celebration.
a Spanish burro grazing

Clark Hulings | Grazing Spanish Burro

Music? We’ve got it: a professional musician is putting together selections for you right now. A fun meal? NY strip steak; Alaskan cod; or grilled cauliflower—we’ve got you covered anywhere from cowboy carnivore to big-city vegan. We’re also featuring a brand-new, fascinating look inside the enduring legacy of this influential artist! A crack team led by a pioneering video editor and NY times photographer features brand-new interviews with pivotal figures in Hulings’ life that will have you laughing, reaching for a tissue, and fired up to offer your own creative contributions to the world. And that’s just the beginning: a silent auction; artists painting live; The Booth Museum’s Seth Hopkins cutting the ribbon on a Hulings Virtual Reality exhibit co-created by one of the best digital designers in Hollywood…and cake. Did we mention birthday cake?

Clark Hulings 1940s, Hulings in Venice, Hulings with Kaleidoscope
L to R: Clark Hulings 1940s, Hulings in Venice, Hulings with Kaleidoscope

Our virtual program on December 1st will feature its very own digital goodies, a screening of the new short documentary, cocktail recipes for the home party, and the wrap up of the silent auction. Our virtual guests will have their very own M/C and be able to meet participants from around the world. It’s a groundbreaking moment to look back at Hulings’ life and work, and be part of the Legacy for the next hundred years—whether you join us on the ground, or raise a glass from the comfort of your home.

Who was Clark Hulings, and what’s the significance of this Centennial Anniversary? Though often described as a Southwestern painter, Clark Hulings’ work encompasses images drawn from a lifetime of extensive travel, beginning with childhood years in Spain and, as a working artist, ranging from the Arctic Circle, to Northern Africa, and South America. His work captures the heart and soul of everyday people and their lives, from the Grand Canyon, to Oaxacan villages, from Romanian horse fairs, to Egyptian Oasis.

Clark Hulings’ willingness to pursue the business and technological side of his own practice was intertwined with his respect for the craftsmanship, entrepreneurial perseverance, and changing environments of the hardworking people and animals featured in his art. As much as this Centennial event is to celebrate one century, it’s also to launch a second: where technology and creativity come together; and Hulings’ work—as well as his way of working—continue to inform artists and the art community through CHF.

Drop by our Hulings 100 page and buy your in-person or virtual tickets—or join our esteemed group of sponsors Travel details and more are available there. If you have questions, just drop us a line

Read the press release here.

See you soon!

A still life from a party: martini, olives, lemon, vermouth, a Venetian statue, and shrimp cocktail
Clark Hulings | The Venetian Cavelier

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