Art-Business Education on Every Platform–Reaching Any Artist

What makes The Thriving Artist™ podcast so special is artists’ ability to consume educational content on the business side of visual art in nearly any medium. At the start of 2018, we’ve added voice-controlled devices like Echo and Google Home, Streaming TV devices like Roku, Apple TV, major smart TVs, sound systems like Sonos and Bose, smartphones and tablets like iPad, ecosystems like Kindle Fire, more venues on the web (of course), and even a gaming console (Xbox).

TIP: For those with a Sonos or Bose system, a Smart TV, a streaming media device like Roku or Apple TV, or a tablet or phone, add one of the following apps: TuneIn, iHeartRadio, or iTunes and just search The Thriving Artist™.

Bringing business education to professional artists wherever they are is central to CHF’s mission. The Thriving Artist™ is just one part of that ecology of delivery, including in-person local training, formal, intensive learning, and other modes of virtual learning.

The Thriving Artist™, thriving across all of these platforms, is bringing working artists a pivotal examination of visual art as a business and a deeper dive into the business of visual artists. If you’re not yet a subscriber, pick a platform from the above list or here.

If you’re not yet a supporter, enable us to make art resistant to economic and cultural uncertainty, so it can be viable and pivotal in the years to come. Let’s take it even farther. Patrons start here. Organizational Partners start here.

How to Sell More Art

Sell More Art

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Daniel DiGriz
Daniel DiGriz is CHF's Creative Director and Director of Educational Programming. He's a founder at corporate consulting firm Free Agent Source Inc., and Digital Ecologist® at MadPipe which provides creative direction and marketing leadership to multiple firms. His background in Fortune 500 life is in sales and education. Daniel is a corporate storyteller and collector of brand stories who speaks at conferences and hosts podcasts, including The Thriving Artist™ Podcast. His personal website is

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