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We did another Thriving Art Exchange on Monday, April 1st, but even if you missed it, you can get caught up online. Our colleagues in South Florida generously co-hosted our virtual panel, and everyone was welcome to participate. We all exchanged ideas on how to further the art community in the region and were led by host Daniel DiGriz and our expert panelists: Rickie Leiter, Elayna Toby Singer, and Neil Capozzi. There’s lots we can do to encourage dialogue in our changing art world, and you can start by watching this Thriving Art Exchange Virtual Town Hall. To see a recording of the broadcast from April 1st, click here.

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Emi Dammers
Copywriter Emi Dammers is a comedian, writer, and hobbyist pie-maker living in Brooklyn. In addition to regularly performing stand-up in and around New York City, she deploys her wide range of talents as the host of the comedy-review podcast Sorry, Just Saw This, and is the co-creator and star of the scripted podcast Wizazon.

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