Break Down Your Business Goals into Actionable Steps

You have ambitious goals for your art business, but when you start to think about how to make them a reality, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. In this short video, CHF Education Director Daniel DiGriz explains how to break down the process into manageable steps–working backwards from your big dreams to the specific objectives, milestones, and tasks that will help you achieve them.

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Daniel DiGriz
Daniel DiGriz is Director of Audience Development & Educational Programming. He's co-founder of enterprise consulting firm Free Agent Source Inc.. He is Corporate Storyteller and Digital Ecologist® at MadPipe which provides sales enablement and campaign direction to various firms. His background in Fortune 500 life is in sales, education, and technology. Daniel is a musician, storyteller, and karateka. His personal website is

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  1. Excellent for both content and brevity. Years ago I completed a comprehensive “My Perfect Day” exercise (took me two days to write it all out, it was looong). Things have changed and it’s time to revisit what my big hairy audacious life goal is, and to create those milestones and bite-size steps to get there. Thanks for the nudge!

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