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Maximize Your Audience Reach

Marketing, sales, and general business management can be daunting at any stage of your career. Few working artists have a team behind them to figure it out, but our podcast helps to fill those knowledge gaps. In this month’s episode, Jenny Darroch, the dean of the Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University, dives into questions both pragmatic and existential, such as: “How does the brand maneuver and evolve as the audience expands?” and “If there’s an expectation of what modern art should look like, do you become one of the many who can produce art of that kind, or do you make a bold statement and actually redefine how we look at contemporary art today?” Listen to what else this marketing visionary has to say by streaming this standout episode here.

Straight to the Source

Where can you find reliable sources of information that help you keep your business acumen sharp? This month, CHF’s Business Accelerator Fellows discuss the media resources that have provided them with hard-and-fast takeaways about the business world: “The brand is much more than the logo,” explains Belgin Yucelen. “It’s about creating something with lasting impact. You have to have a story and stay with it, so that your brand speaks for you.” See all of the Fellows’ top picks, here.

Spotlight On Our Community

When we see a working artist bring something unique to their business, we want to know more, and also share these successes with our readers. As our network grows, we aim to highlight these voices in our Spotlight On series. This month, we talk with Alex Mathers, a writer and illustrator who brings a multi-faceted approach to his art practice. Twelve years ago, Alex began writing about how to make money as a creative, when he noticed that “there was a lack of business-learning material that was directed specifically to illustrators, and creatives in general.” Read what Alex has to say about making money from creative work.

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Highlight Reel

Why are creatives uniquely positioned to succeed as entrepreneurs? How do you develop a brand that really resonates and drives sales? These questions and many more are addressed in our YouTube content, with curated video clips from CHF’s Business Accelerator videos, a key element of our educational program. Check them out here!


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Jennifer Orbom
With a background in health sciences, Jennifer Orbom has done operations work for political and health organizations, and conducted research in Nicaragua and Hawaii. Returning to academia in 2011, she earned her Master's degree in social and cultural anthropology from the University of Leuven in Belgium. An avid photographer, she grew up in an artists' community and enjoys learning about the business side of the art industry through her work with CHF. She now splits her time between Belgium and the United States.

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