You’ve probably heard of #EdTech, a portmanteau of the phrase “education technology.” It represents the combination of IT (information technology) tools and educational practices aimed at facilitating and enhancing learning. Now The Clark Hulings Foundation is leading the way in the #ArtTech realm. What does it mean? It is, in fact, a combination of IT tools and education practices aimed at facilitating and enhancing artistic sales with the most cutting-edge technology.

CHF has led the way through the ongoing Thriving ArtistTM Podcast Series, the Digital Campus, Brown Bag Lunch Series, the Thriving TuesdaysTM , and the collaborative effort to create a virtual art space in NDN World!

Elizabeth Hulings underlines CHF’s collaborative leadership role in Selling Art in The New Normal: Marketplace, Native Communities, and Virtual Reality on The Thriving ArtistTM Podcast.

“The thing that excites me about it is that it’s the intersection of art and tech, because it’s artists who are making the outfits [that the avatars in the VR world wear]. It’s artists who are going to be doing the dances, it’s artists who have constructed the whole thing and added their aesthetic. When we talk about community, my goal and the underlying reason for creating CHF and continuing to work on all of this, is to have artists and inventors and creators be at the center of community activity and development. That’s when we move forward as a species and that’s how we support our planet.”
—Elizabeth Hulings

CHF is fully aware that the explosive growth in technology has fractured an already outdated artistic structure, and that the role and influence of individuals has grown. The artistic ecosystem has been incredibly destabilized as a result of Covid19 and, as a result, we’ve been forced into new technological spheres.

In response to the technological acceleration. The Clark Hulings Foundation will be hosting the State of the Art Industry Conference: Technology is Transforming the Business of Art—What You Need to Know. We’ll feature Artist Training Oct 11-14, 2021 (Virtual), and Full Industry Events Oct 18-21, 2021 (Santa Fe, NM & Virtual). The conference will power creative professionals with an understanding of the latest technologies revolutionizing the art industry and expand artists’ lexicon. The Conference will:

  • Support artists with training that strengthens them as entrepreneurs and industry partners;
  • Explore how dealers, curators, administrators, and other stakeholders are reinventing themselves as collaborators in a new, lean system where everyone is a contributor to the creative economy;
  • Present developments that bring transparency, accountability, and trust to an often opaque industry—and analyze the benefits and outcomes;
  • Connect with visionaries and leaders to discuss the path forward and how all parts of the ecosystem can thrive together;
  • Engage collectors about their experience and expectations as the art world enters a new season filled with possibilities.

With an already incredible list of speakers, the conference is accepting proposals for workshop and panel discussions—both online and in-person in Santa Fe, NM. Speakers and panelists will highlight emerging tech trends, including, but not limited to:

  • Augmented and virtual reality;
  • Digital Placemaking;
  • 3D printing;
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

If you have any questions, please visit the State of the Art Industry Conference website. Conference Sponsors have the unique opportunity to reach hundreds of talented artists and passionate advocates from around the world. It is the perfect opportunity to make meaningful connections and share your brand.


Read the Press Release here.

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Ana-Maria Touza Medina
Ana-Maria is an outreach professional with a work history in the e-learning industry. She holds a PhD from the University of Houston, a Masters from St. Louis University, and a Bachelor’s from the University of Texas at Austin. She has consulted with small to medium-sized companies in educational technology, student development, social media marketing, SEO, content creation, and company culture. She is a mom, a yogi, a runner, an avid reader and lover of nature, art, travel, and creating moments while exploring the world with her son.

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