ROWA Report Breakdown and 100,000 downloads

Lily Dulberg headshot After two years of hard work, the Clark Hulings Foundation Report on the Working Artist is here! Laying out in carefully-researched detail the key part that artists play in today’s economy, our very own CHF data analysis team Daniel DiGriz and Lily Dulberg sat down to talk details on the latest episode of The Thriving ArtistTMpodcast. We now have indisputable proof of the need and demand for business education for artists!

This incredible data shows that we should be investing more in art and artists, and that doing so can change not only the culture, but the economy for the better. The ROWA report isn’t our only good news: we are proud to announce that The Thriving ArtistTM podcast has now passed more than 100,000 downloads! We have reached listeners in over 117 countries and all 50 states. Subscribe today, and listen to the show here. Isn’t it time you joined us?

How to Sell More Art

Sell More Art

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Emi Dammers
Copywriter Emi Dammers is a comedian, writer, and hobbyist pie-maker living in Brooklyn. In addition to regularly performing stand-up in and around New York City, she deploys her wide range of talents as the host of the comedy-review podcast Sorry, Just Saw This, and is the co-creator and star of the scripted podcast Wizazon.

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