Instagram, Google and The Creator Economy

Straight from the thought leaders in digital marketing: John Lincoln, CEO at Ignite Visibility; Daniel Digritz, Digital Ecologist®, and CEO @ MadPipe; and Sheila Dang and Elizabeth Culliford from Reuters—we’ve curated the top reads for Q2, 2021.


1. Instagram Ads: Tips & Tricks to Build Your Following

From John Lincoln via the Search Engine Journal, here’s a resource outlining how to run Instagram ads and build a fantastic following.

  • Use Ads to Determine Cost per Acquisition for New Followers: more reach and greater details on who you are targeting.
  • Identify Your Audience on Instagram: The niche may cost more but it is worth it!
  • Create a Persona: Define your Customer.
  • Build Your Audience by Knowing Your Audience.
  • Use Facebook Audiences: Track and learn from the reports and built-in analytics.

Follow the article with our own Thriving TuesdaysTM Instagram for Artists: Build a Storied Brand with Daniel DiGriz.

2. Giving It To You Straight: Make these SEO Changes for 2021

Daniel DiGriz demystifies the new SEO Changes for 2021 by breaking them into two simple areas: welcome mats, and page-to-page redirects. A welcome mat is a full-screen overlay that slides over the top of your home page or a landing page and obscures the content underneath. In the near future, they may negatively impact a website’s treatment in search engines. Next up, page-to-page redirects can’t be branded—or at least not indexed—but there are additional tools to keep some of them.

Next, watch the insightful Thriving TuesdaysTM by Daniel DiGriz Search Optimization for Drag-and-Drop Artist Sites where he lays out a set of simple, repeatable SEO skills that won’t cost you a dime to implement: just an extra minute per piece of content you upload.

3. Facebook Reveals New Features for Creators to Earn Money from Ecommerce Sales

Sheila Dang and Elizabeth Culliford from Reuters outline the why and how content creators can earn ad revenue from videos as short as one minute, and expand its ‘Stars’ virtual currency.

Then, you can watch Thriving TuesdaysTM List Building for Artists: Build and Grow Your Email List with Carolyn Edlund, where you can follow up the purchase by making sure your email list continues to grow.

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