Five Stories You Don’t Want to Miss

Here are five must-read pieces summarized for the busy entrepreneur. The Clark Hulings Foundation has incredible amounts of content available for you to learn, prepare, and face the art business journey. In order to make it more accessible, we have a committee of CHF Advisory Board Members who are working to make all of this content hand-selected and bite-sized: just for you!

We want to thank our committee members for their continued support with this Tips & Tricks series! Sofia Perez, Paula Mele, Donna Lee Nyzio, Rickie Leiter, Mitchell A. Cohn

1. Hunt With a Pack—Daniel DiGriz

  • Network with other artists who have different business skill sets than your own, then trade services.
  • Don’t try to go it alone! Find your people, work together, and help each other.
  • Daniel DiGriz reviews the nuts and bolts of professional networking.

2. Making the Gig Economy Work for You—Angela Heath

  • Adapt to the gig economy.
  • Different ways to make fast cash can also be used to leverage your skills and segue into new business opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurs plan ahead for the natural ebbs and flow in their income, and are strategic in their thinking.
  • Relationships with buyers are better than a one-stop sale.

3. Manage Your Time Effectively by Decluttering Your Work-Life—Joshua S. Ehrlich

  • What’s really going on when we say that we are “busy,” and how it is often a smokescreen for other less-desirable conditions.
  • Seven useful tips for better time management so that we can have the kind of freedom that allows us to be effective creators and entrepreneurs.

4. Overcome Magical Thinking to Succeed as an Artist—Carolyn Edlund

  • Debunks the theory that “If I make good art, customers will appear, and sales will happen.” Carolyn explains why committing to ongoing business training and staying engaged are the keys to a successful art career.
  • Keep true to your goals, have intention behind your actions, and achieve a higher level of success.

5. Break Down Your Business Goals into Actionable Steps—Daniel DiGriz

  • “Reverse Engineering 101″—a method of working backward from an artist’s dream to the specific objectives, milestones, and tasks that will help achieve goals.
  • There is a step-by-step template with 3 key questions artists must ask: What do I want, how does that get done, and what do I need for that to happen?
  • Insights on short-term goals become long-term goals and how to manage the process.

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