Artwork: Title vs. Possession

Richard Lehun, a specialist in fiduciary responsibility at Stropheus Art Law, explains the importance of the Universal Commercial Code (UCC) in cases where title and possession are not clearly defined. Lehun cautions artists who exhibit their artwork to understand their legal rights and to take the measures necessary to protect works that may not be in their possession.

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This excerpt is from a larger art panel discussion entitled “Cold Cash, Creative Capital and Other Money Matters of Interest to Arts Professionals”  made available by the Clark Hulings Foundation For Visual Artists and presented in partnership with the Salmagundi Club to deliver art business programming online. If you would like to access the full panel discussion, please click here.

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Natalie Baumgartner
Natalie Baumgartner is the Educational Coordinator and Digital Reporter at the Clark Hulings Foundation. She is committed to the mission of the Fund and hopes to see artists enrich their businesses through the tools and grants offered. Natalie recently graduated with her Masters of Science in International Development and has worked for several non-profits, focusing on issues revolving around human rights and gender equity.

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