Mary Crenshaw

Mary Crenshaw headshotAccelerator Fellow (2017)

“The greatest challenge I face is living in Italy … The American mentality is looked upon as pushy. They do not do business the same way we do. Nothing is transparent. This is why I would like to become an international artist and exhibit my work in other European countries and in the US. I need help approaching the right people, and I need to find out where my work fits.”

“It is up to the individual artist to decide what goes out into the world, and what you want to put on the market. Less is more. Only selling your very best work is a way of keeping your integrity and being able to invest in yourself and the continuation of your practice.”

Mary Crenshaw is a painter who also works with collage, painted photographs, etchings, and monoprints. Her most recent project looks at questions of identity and the nomadic existence in an age whose security concerns force us to constantly prove who we are.

(Based in Trecella, Italy;

Discovering the City by Mary Crenshaw
Discovering the City by Mary Crenshaw
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