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"I have seen how important business skills are. I have learned that art has to be a business, or the artist cannot survive to create."

Paula Ensign

2018 Entrepreneur Fellow

Drawing for Paula is a meditation. By drawing and painting on location, Paula establishes visceral connections to specific places where she finds peace and harmony. She becomes part of the scene, and shares that with her audience. They feel the sand between their toes, smell the pine in the air, hear the seagulls, and watch the sun dip below the horizon. In this hectic world, locations that replenish the soul are Paula’s treasures to share. She is currently creating a book of her essays and artwork from her explorations of the Oregon coast, and building toward a series of exhibitions that celebrate these adventures.

Sustain herself and build her career through continual publishing and exhibitions following in-depth travels. Paula has begun this undertaking on the Oregon Coast. Her next area will be the Continental Divide. By focusing all of her efforts on a specific area, Paula will expand her revenue sources, as well as her audience, cross-pollinating through essay and book publications, exhibitions of finished paintings and drawings, and merchandising.

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Paula Ensign Painting
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Togetherness by Paula Ensign
Togetherness by Paula Ensign
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