Glenna Goodacre’s Final New Work Will Benefit CHF

World-Renowned Sculptor Glenna Goodacre’s Final New Work Will Benefit the Clark Hulings Foundation for Visual Artists

New Bronze Represents An Unprecedented Collaboration Between Goodacre and the late master realist painter Clark Hulings


The national nonprofit Clark Hulings Foundation for Visual Artists (CHF) is thrilled to announce a unique artistic and philanthropic collaboration between Glenna Goodacre, one of America’s most prominent living sculptors, and the late master painter Clark Hulings. In what will be Goodacre’s final new work before her retirement, she has joined with Mary and Elizabeth Hulings, the heirs to the Clark Hulings estate, to produce a bas-relief inspired by the iconic Hulings drawing Helping to Push, and give that work to CHF, in support of the organization’s mission of helping visual artists succeed at the business of art. The Foundation will produce a limited edition of 25 bronzes, and will offer them as a thank you to major donors.

Goodacre’s decision to re-interpret Helping to Push was no accident. When Elizabeth and Mary first founded CHF, this particular piece was The Foundation’s iconic image because its title and subject captured both the essence of the nonprofit organization–to help artists who are helping themselves–and its namesake’s view on life. “My father was always interested in images of people working together, and with their animals,” said Elizabeth Hulings. “He had a great passion for collaborating with peers. He wasn’t a teacher, but he still wanted to help other artists–which is the reason we started CHF.”

The connection between these two preeminent Santa Fe artists goes back a long way, and Goodacre was quick to embrace the opportunity to collaborate with her late friend and his family on this project.

“I’d do anything for Clark,” said Goodacre.

“I grew up with Glenna,” recounts Elizabeth Hulings. “She and my father were good friends, so my mother and I were thrilled when she agreed to do this. It’s so inspiring to see another top-tier artist giving back to the artistic community. She’s demonstrated a deep understanding of and support for CHF’s mission.”

As the CEO of her own corporation, which she established in 1979, Goodacre understands firsthand how important it is for artists to have the knowledge and tools to run economically viable businesses. The internationally renowned sculptor has had a long and illustrious career, creating more than 600 works, of which her most famous are her Vietnam Women’s Memorial in Washington, DC, the massive Irish Memorial in Philadelphia, and the Sacagawea U.S. dollar coin.

The bas-relief, which carries both artists’ signatures, offers a vibrant interpretation of Hulings’ drawing, capturing the original’s sense of movement. “It’s a phenomenal piece she’s created, with great textures and lines that are strongly reminiscent of the drawing, and of my father’s technique with pen and ink,” said Elizabeth. “The quality is extraordinary, which would be surprising, except that it’s Glenna, and we all expect that level of work from her.”

The framed piece will be offered as a thank you gift on a first-come, first-served basis to those who contribute $15,000 or more to CHF. Donations to The Foundation are tax deductible, excluding the amount of goods or services received, which in this case will be $5,000. The Foundation plans to offer only this one limited edition of the work.

Goodacre’s corporation will be dissolved at the end of this year, and she is no longer creating new work. In advance of her retirement, she is destroying her molds for existing sculptures, and selling or donating tools and artwork from her private collection. One of her most recent gifts was a bronze entitled CEO, her homage to female business leaders; the sculpture depicts a businesswoman on the move, and Goodacre’s daughter–Jill Goodacre Connick–served as the model for the piece.

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