CHF Brings Artist Empowerment to Figurative Art Convention & Expo

The Clark Hulings Foundation Gives Two Presentations at the Figurative Art Convention & Expo in Miami, Thursday, November 8

Miami, FL – The Clark Hulings Foundation (CHF), which equips visual artists to be self-sustaining entrepreneurs by providing them with business training and support, is bringing its message of artist empowerment to the Figurative Art Convention & Expo (FACE) with two presentations on Thursday, November 8 at the historic Biltmore Hotel.

Clark Hulings Foundation Executive Director Elizabeth Hulings’ talk, entitled “Think Big! It’s Your Career,” takes place at 2:30 pm and CHF Events Director Carolyn Edlund will speak on how artists can “Rock Your Portfolio” at 3:40 pm.

In her interactive session, Hulings will show how the rapid and dramatic changes that have shaken the art market to its foundation work in artists’ favor. She’ll help them identify a viable business objective that aligns with who they are as artists, and creates a dynamic blueprint that will let them reach their artistic and entrepreneurial goals, and ensure they are communicating their message to maximum positive effect.

Edlund’s talk will instruct artists on how to create a cohesive portfolio with a signature style and concept that projects professionalism to get noticed and gain credibility. Her presentation will cover best practices for selecting images to build a solid portfolio, the different types of visual and written materials needed and their purposes. She will also address how portfolios have changed in the Internet Age, and how artists can best take advantage.

“We are excited to work with FACE,” notes Hulings, CHF’s Founder. “As the daughter of a realist painter, I love that they take figurative art seriously and that they are also committed to supporting artists with the business aspect of their practice. We are happy to partner with them to expand their offerings on this side of the equation.”

“We had been noticing what CHF was up to for some time,” says FACE presentations director and Editor in Chief of Fine Art Connoisseur Peter Trippi, adding, “we’re thrilled that they are able to bring their game-changing message to the show, since one of our goals is to empower artists’ success.”

The second Fine Art Connoisseur Figurative Art Convention & Expo will be held at Miami’s historic Biltmore Hotel November 7–10, 2018. It will offer a fully immersive experience for everyone who wants to learn (and talk) about figurative painting with world-class artists in this thriving field.

Paintings of the human figure take many forms, from the academic and classical to the expressively brushy and nearly abstract. It’s time for figure painting to have its own convention, a gathering place where museum-quality masters, and those striving to be, can exchange ideas, improve their skills, and form a community that advances the cause of representational art. This is not your grandfather’s conference. It’s vibrant, fun, upbeat, and it won’t be stuffy or political or an “old boys’ club.”

About Figurative Art Convention & Expo
Organized by Fine Art Connoisseur and hosted by publisher Eric Rhoads and editor in chief Peter Trippi, FACE offers a memorable combination of demonstrations by renowned masters, informal conversations among artists, and formal lectures by scholars. Participants will gain technical skills and philosophical insights, all while getting to know each other personally in a friendly, un-stuffy atmosphere. Fine Art Connoisseur have long envisioned a forum like FACE, because when like-minded people get together in person to share techniques and information, their sense of community and their passionate determination to excel grow exponentially.

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