Creating the Middle Class Artist – Elizabeth Hulings

Elizabeth Hulings, CHF Direotor

Special Edition: 3rd Annual CHF Grant to Visual Artists

Elizabeth Hulings is daughter of Clark Hulings and Director of the Clark Hulings Foundation for Visual Artists. In this episode of the Thriving Artist podcast, Elizabeth explains how to change the culture by funding, training, connecting, and equipping working artists. Topics include:

  • Creating the Middle Class Artist (vs. stars and starvers)
  • A “Kickstarter” for art and culture
  • Why artists need capital
  • Charity vs. business development for artists
  • Patronage, not parentage – cutting out the middle man
  • A big tent for artists – style agnosticism
  • Exchanging the expertise of artists and art industry professionals
  • Why spread the word: Artists wanted!

Elizabeth lets us see into the world of the working artist in this 22-minute episode, and explains what is needed to make thriving artists the norm. Grab the mp3 to listen on the train or the drive home.

If you’re a working artist, feel free to visit our Grants page. If you’re an arts industry professional, collector, or business specialist, or a working artist who would like to be interviewed, visit our Teach and Learn page. As always, even a modest donation is meaningful; and that page is here.

How to Sell More Art

Sell More Art

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