Elizabeth Hulings

Elizabeth Hulings, CHF DireotorExecutive Director
Accelerator Director & Facilitator

As Clark Hulings‘ daughter, Elizabeth Hulings grew up knowing that it is possible for people to earn a living from the creation of art. She established the Clark Hulings Foundation with her mother, Mary Hulings, in 2011 with the aim of providing visual artists with access to the same kinds of tools and knowledge that helped her father successfully manage his own art business.

The Foundation was a natural outgrowth of Elizabeth’s own career trajectory. Her first gainful employment was as a sales associate and research assistant at Fenn Galleries, and she spent the summer of her 16th year indexing more than 40,000 slides of her father’s source material. As as adult, she’s dedicated nearly three decades to helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and artists see both forest and trees. Elizabeth is the founder and a principal of the business-strategy consulting firm Counterpoise, where she has worked with startups to build their resources and infrastructure; helped long-established nonprofits expand their programs; guided corporations that were struggling with growing pains and outdated systems; and collaborated with sole proprietors, who must wear both business and creative hats simultaneously.

Before launching Counterpoise in 2001, Elizabeth worked on (and lived through) five Fortune-500 mergers at the predecessors of Citigroup, Cendant, and Verizon Communications. She also honed her skills at several nonprofit organizations including the International Development Exchange, The Management Center/Opportunity Knocks, and Human Rights Watch. Born in New York and raised in New Mexico, Elizabeth speaks Spanish and French. She holds an M.A. in Latin American Studies from Stanford University, a B.A. in International Relations and History from Tufts University, and the Alliançe Française I.

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