Dannielle Tegeder: Blind Hierarchies

Johannes Vogt Gallery hosts Blind Hierarchies, a show which features works on paper, sculptures, paintings, and drawings by Dannielle Tegeder. This is an unprecedented event where you will be able to experience Dannielle’s exploration of architecture and abstraction alongside her involvement in poetry as shown in her elaborate work titles.

Within this show, you will see Dannielle’s work as never seen before. Rather than hang her framed drawings and paintings on the wall in a static repetition of old, she has chosen to place them on wooden pedestals, giving her works a sculptural element. She will reinstall these pieces in a new configuration each week, so you will be able to view her work annew. According to Johannes Vogt Gallery, “She creates a sense of the gallery as a stage set— reinforced by the prop-like components of the installation—and, in doing so, invites viewers to rethink the ways we see and experience space.”

You won’t want to miss this event! For more information on Dannielle and how her artwork continues to motivate and inspire her, check out her recent interview.

Dannielle Tegeder is a 2014 CHF Business Accelerator Program Participant and received funding for Infrastructure at the Montclair Art Museum, going on now through June 30th.


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