Willy Bo Richardson

Willy Bo Richardson
"The conventions of 'artness' can thwart or trivialize our experience of art In public spaces. I subtract the trappings so we can be immersed in fine art aesthetics unimpeded by the deliberate aura of frame and pedestal."

Willy Bo Richardson

2018 Executive Fellow

Willy Bo Richardson injects powerful fine art into commercial environments by eliminating the barriers and trappings of conventional displays, as well as the harmful chemicals and waste that often factor into their creation. Willy heightens our experience of our physical surroundings by immersing us in relevant, sustainable art.

  • Supporters Interested In:

    Public Spaces, Textiles, Commercial Applications, Interior Design, Art Criticism

Willy at work (Photo byJen Fong)
Willy at work (Photo by Jen Fong)
Music To Drive To 9 (triptych) by Willy Bo Richardson
Music to Drive to 9 (triptych)
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