Holly Van Hart

Holly Van Hart headshotAccelerator Fellow (2017)

“To meet my artistic and financial objectives, I need help to take my business to the next level. I want to learn how to turn my contacts, email list, and social-media investments into revenue. To meet my objectives I need to sell even more, and at higher prices. I put a lot of effort into marketing, and that effort should be yielding better results.”

“Many artists have expressed that they don’t want to be influenced by the commercial world. But we are all products of our environments (family, friends, educational, business), so this argument seems naive to me. All artists who have become famous are either superb business people, or have partnered with a superb business person or organization.”

Holly Van Hart‘s paintings reflect on nature’s abundance by featuring abstract images of the natural world–such as forests, fields, and flowers–set against against other realistically painted elements. She used to specialize in watercolors, but now works exclusively with oils and acrylics.

(Based in Saratoga, CA; hollyvanhart.com)

(Photo of Holly by George Sakkestad)

Forest Reverie by Holly Van Hart
Forest Reverie by Holly Van Hart
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