Jodi Bee

Jodi Bee headshot Accelerator Fellow (2017)

“I like to use creativity not just in the studio, but in aspects of business as well. Having a solid handle on the business and financials would give me greater freedom from worry, and therefore, I’d make better artwork.”

“I think society imposes that people should share their artistic talents and gifts for free, for the pure joy of creation. This is an impossible standard, as we would all starve to death.”

An art teacher and artist, Jodi Bee used to create abstract paintings on wood, but after an injury left her unable to hold a stylus or paintbrush for two months, she began to produce mixed-media collages. She frequently collaborates with musicians on their album covers.

(Based in Minneapolis, MN;

Autonomy and Possession by Jodi Bee
Autonomy and Possession by Jodi Bee
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