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“The creative legacy is not necessarily an issue of résumé, but about the creative spirit itself shown through your works,” states Jennifer Cohen, POBA‘s Co-Managing Director, about their mission and dedication to preserving the creative legacy of artists irrespective of the measure of success attained during their lifetime.

In this full hour show, Jennifer underscores the importance of maintaining artistic legacies for artists living and dead, as well as the subtle nuances involved in preserving the integrity and value of artistic works. She also acknowledges the importance of artistic legacy to living artists and collectors.

What happens when the artist or art collector is gone?

  • Appraisal, Insurance, and Inheritance
  • Shared Legacy Management
  • Emotional vs. financial value
  • Responsibility to preserve the work’s value
  • Bulk selling and charity auctions as potentially harmful
  • “You have to  educate yourself as to how to protect art from dust, from humidity, from light, all these things that will degrade not only its value, but its look over time.”

The Importance of the “Great Amateur”

  • Creativity vs. Commercial Success
  • Art vs. Craft
  • Art Collectors and heirs as partners in an artist’s legacy

Protect Your Artwork:

  • Physical vs. digital storage
  • Inventorying and Archiving Your Artwork
  • Establishing Provenance through documentation of location and critical dates
  • Parenting your own creative works: “We’re putting a tremendous demand on artists not only to create their art but also to manage and market it.”

Preservation and Reversion of Copyrights

  • Importance of the preservation of artistic intent
  • Preservation of Copyright – Copyright Reversion Act of 1976 gives all artists and their heirs the rights to recapture copyright and to renegotiate the terms of licensing agreements
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