Planning the Future of Your Art – Kristin Gary

Kristin Gary

COLLECTORS, ARTISTS, and GALLERIES need to think about the future of their works and collections. In this insightful podcast, Kristin Gary, a private dealer who specializes in appraisal, bankruptcy, and related divestiture issues, encourages us to think ahead. Kristin manages Kristin Gary Fine Art, a private gallery that includes European Old Masters, 19th century European, American 20th Century and select Contemporary works. Topics include:

  • Challenges of breaking up significant collections
  • Owning art as temporary. Planning in advance for some kind of divestiture
  • Art fairs and the auction world vs. the gallery world
  • The importance of dealers banding together to create events
  • Thinking ahead as an artist
  • Thinking ahead as a collector
  • Protecting yourself and your art pieces when entrusting them to a gallery (e.g. the risk of foreclosure)
  • The importance of filing UCC
  • The importance of a formal tracking system
  • Balancing commercial viability with choosing pieces you like
  • Is genre bias a problem?
  • Essential business skills artists must acquire

Waiting until the future to think about the future is a mistake. Don’t miss this 24-minute podcast. Listen now, or download and take it with you on your phone or mobile device.

Kristin Gary’s site is at

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