No Separation Between Work and Life – Laura Petrovich-Cheney

Laura Petrovich-Cheney

“When people sheared sheep 100 years ago, it wasn’t just work, it was their life; work wasn’t a separate thing.’ Art and business are like that. Laura Petrovich-Cheney is a sculptor whose work mirrors the human experience, full of transformation, second chances, reinvention, and resilience. She is also a Clark Hulings Foundation 2015 Business Accelerator Grant Recipient for her current solo exhibition at Salisbury University Art Galleries, “Piece by Piece”. Her comments on building a self-sustaining art career are profoundly on point.


  • Increased sales by adapting art format to the market
  • Artist security through multiple income sources around the art
  • The preeminence of the toolset for managing an art business
  • The pivotal moment when funding makes the difference
  • The vision of Clark Hulings for working artists
  • Planning an art career backwards
  • Hoofing it – marketing prior to a show
  • Marketing as sharing your story
  • “There’s no separation between work and life anymore.”
  • Creating an “authentic conversation” with collectors and an audience
  • #abstractartist #americanrealism
  • Good old fashioned business networking
  • Not flinching from rejection

For more info on Laura and her work, visit Laura’s exhibition runs from Jan 15 thru Feb 25 at SU art galleries in Salsibury MD. If you’re on the eastern seaboard or have a friend or relative in MD, have them stop by the exhibition. The show runs from noon to 5pm each day and information is on the Clark Hulings Foundation website.

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