Collector: Steward of the Arts – Tim Newton

Tim Newton

“I would encourage everyone to buy the work that they love and that they can afford,” says Tim Newton, an art collector, Advisory Board Member at the Clark Hulings Foundation, and the Chairman of the Board at the Salmagundi Club.

In this full-hour show, Tim underscores the importance of collecting art to appreciate beauty, while also recognizing the role of art collectors as stewards of the arts. For Tim, this means curating shows of artwork he owns and encouraging others to do the same.

Starting your collection:

  • Buy what you can afford
  • Quality over quantity
  • Take time to learn about art
  • “Every collector should have a mentor”
  • Good art stands on its own regardless of the artist’s level of artistry
  • Art Buyers vs. Art Collectors
  • “Collecting artwork should be about the artwork – not investment, not the artist”

Current Art Market:

  • Art fairs vs. exhibitions
  • Digital media & virtual artwork vs. the tangibility of artwork
  • Passing on art collecting to the next generation as a great love affair
  • Social media as a tool for art exposure

Stewards on a Revolving Basis:

  • Planning for your collection’s future
  • Curate your collection in shows & exhibitions as a service to the rest of the world
  • Art is created for its social impact – let the public appreciate it
  • Art Collectors have a responsibility to their art and the artist

Why Artists and Collectors Need Each Other:

  • “The more artists are educated about the things that they could be and should be doing in their art endeavors, it’s a big deal. It does have a ripple effect that is beneficial to collectors as well.”
  • Artists need to create the work and be business savvy enough to make it sustainable.
  • Partnership between artists and collectors is essential to ensuring that the kind of works you enjoy continue to be made
  • “Collectors have a vested interest in supporting the work of The Clark Hulings Foundation because what goes around comes around in the collecting world.”

On Clark Hulings:

  • “Clark was just one of the most extraordinary painters of the last century.”
  • “He was a genius in the way he did his art and the way he did his business.”
  • On the Clark Hulings Foundation’s Mission: “As a collector you may be collecting a terrific artist that really has enormous potential and does wonderful work, but if they can’t make it from the business side and they fold up their easel, that’s unfortunate for them and for the collector that began collecting their work. We need each other.”
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