Art-Business Conference – Denver

Art-Business Conference Denver CONNECT – DEVELOP – THRIVE

A Business-Development Forum for Professional Visual Artists
presented by First National Bank of Denver

June 20, 2017 - Denver, Colorado

Concerned about your future as a professional artist? Overwhelmed by the fast-paced technological changes driving the global art market? Not sure how to use innovations like social media? Worried about finding collectors for your work, creating and controlling your market, and earning a living?

Then step away from your practice for this landmark, half-day event sponsored by Windows to the Divine and The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists (CHF). You’ll be glad you did as you learn how to prosper in the current environment and collaborate with your peers to shift the market in your favor.

The Market Dissected

What’s selling? Where? To Whom? By what method? What do artists need to know to advocate effectively and position themselves for success in this quickly shifting landscape? Shannon Robinson, curator and chairperson of Windows to the Divine (a nonprofit organization that promotes patronage of the arts and philanthropy), kicks off the afternoon with a big-picture look at today’s global art market—its strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity for artists.

Stables are for Horses

CHF Director Elizabeth Hulings shows you how to maximize your strengths by putting yourself and your creative impetus at the center of your art business. By reorienting your perspective, with middlemen at the periphery and audience in your orbit, you increase your opportunities and shift the balance of power in your business relationships. This positively impacts your productivity and the balance between business and creative time, and makes it possible for you to sustain yourself creatively and economically.

Harness Your Marketing Power

Your greatest marketing assets are your own artistic training and aptitude. In this interactive segment, Daniel DiGriz, CHF’s marketing and education director, will help you 1) amplify your studio time by building an enthusiastic audience and telling an engaging story, 2) extend your reach without extra effort by combining different marketing channels effectively (social media, email, etc.), 3) increase your PR efforts by enlisting your colleagues and supporting them in return. 

Leading the Charge

Self-advocacy is a key element to a lasting career as an artist. By working collectively, you and your fellow artists can have an exponential impact on the direction of the industry, and create conditions in which all of you can succeed. For the core of the symposium, we’ll break into small groups to discuss how to find a collective voice and begin wielding it. We’ll end by reconvening to share recommendations and plan next steps.

June 20, 2017

Symposium: 1:00 - 5:00 pm
Cocktail Reception: 5:00 - 6:30 pm

Space Gallery
400 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, Colorado

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