You run an organization with a powerful mission. Let’s make your organization as powerful as that mission.

Who We Are
CHF drives collaborative planning for change initiatives. At the level of shared vision, we plug in with processes that create alignment. At the planning and execution stage, we help stakeholders reverse engineer their highest and best understanding of project success. Demonstrable impact is baked-in from the beginning, so it’s substantive when measured; impact isn’t a stage so much as synonymous with the driving outcome.

How We Work With You
This is where we shine—partnering with organizations that want their initiatives to succeed with more support and less frustration, and do so in a way that rings the bell for all to hear.

  • Collaborative planning and project guidance designed to ensure you get what everyone wanted in the first place.
  • Facilitation of change initiative dialogues, so the discussions you’re having result in effective action rather than just more meetings.
  • Product development for sustainability, repeatability, and extensibility, because “one and done” won’t achieve your powerful goals.
  • Messaging support to spur constituent and funder enthusiasm and participation.
  • Data science to ensure credible impact reporting because it only “happens” if it’s measured.

Define your trajectory, communicate your value effectively, and demonstrate impact.

Elizabeth Hulings: Ready to focus on translating your big-picture goals into actionable steps? With decades of expertise in alignment, blueprinting, and agile management at pivotal moments, CHF Executive Director Elizabeth Hulings is ready to help you flesh out strategies, prioritize, make a plan, and get moving. Elizabeth has worked with large nonprofits like Human Rights Watch, large corporations like Citigroup, a plethora of smaller organizations and of course, she’s been working with artists since before she was born. Read Elizabeth’s bio or her Director’s View columns, and learn about her personal and professional insights into the connections between creativity and strategy in this Authority Magazine interview.

Daniel DiGriz: Develop powerful and engaging messaging. Give your stakeholders quantifiable outcomes and measure your impact with data science. CHF’s Creative Director and Leader of the Data Analysis Team, Daniel DiGriz, has filled a reservoir of experience leading corporate sales teams and education initiatives while moonlighting as a serial entrepreneur. Daniel spent a decade in corporate sales and conducting B2B corporate training for Fortune 500 brands, has an M.Ed. in instructional technology and 30 years of global instructional experience. His ideas have been featured in Inc, Forbes, and Success Magazine. Daniel is the principal at MadPipeTM and the co-founder of Free Agent SourceTM Inc.

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