A Garden of Gratitude

“When life comes at us hard and we find ourselves in the midst of the fire, the burning desires within us can be silenced.
 Just as sand is beautifully transformed into glass under fire, we too, can be transformed, by hope.”
– Terri Albanese



Terri with Light in BloomThe Clark Hulings Foundation is honored to be the fiscal sponsor for A Garden of Gratitude—Thanking our Wounded Healers and Healing our Communities. The garden is composed of 18 original glass paintings that will travel to six Ohio and Kentucky hospitals to thank our hospital workers who have courageously given so much during this pandemic.

“Through it all they cared for us—let’s care for them. A Garden of Gratitude is more than an art exhibition—
It is a Thank You.
It is a thank you to those who chose to be on the frontlines in our hospitals, while we stayed safe within our homes;
who were away from their families, while caring for ours; who held the hands of our loved ones, when we could not.
It is an Invitation.
It is an invitation for our wounded healers to come and walk through a garden, to take a moment to breathe – to give them access and exposure to an art exhibition.
This calming haven will be a place to find hope while they are still in the midst of the fire.”
– Terri Albanese


The exhibition of glass paintings features vibrant flowers that symbolize the heart and spirit of our healthcare workers.  The goal of this exhibit is to thank healthcare workers for who they are and all they have given.

The flowers symbolize:

  • Courage Sacrifice Hope Resilience Perseverance Wisdom
  • Inner Strength Gentleness Peace
  • Inner Beauty Patience Selflessness
  • Compassion Dedication Healing Touch  Devotion Thoughtful Determination

As a contemporary glass artist, Terri Albanese believes in the underlying healing power of art. During her time as a CHF Art-Business Accelerator Fellow Terri’s talent was seen, not only in her art and entrepreneurial skill but in her ability to relate to those around her. It was no surprise to the faculty and her classmates that she would create A Garden of Gratitude to honor and bring a place for healing for total strangers. Her understanding and empathy around communities who have selflessly cared for patients, neighbors, family members, and business associates during the pandemic shows a beautiful part of her spirit—one we are grateful to have experienced.

At the foundation of CHF, there is a community of support and patronage on which our Accelerator Fellows can count. On this occasion, the long-term relationship we have with our Board Member Susan Goldstein helped to create the connection between Terri Albanese and the University of Kentucky Hospital System.

“I LOVE this story and the inspiration of Susan Goldstein supporting your CHF Fellow, Terri Albanese, who has been trained by CHF—not only in her art business acumen, but also in making a difference with her art. Then Susan put Terri in touch with the University of Kentucky Hospital system—and they’re now paying $15k to feature the Garden of Gratitude: Thanking our Wounded Healers and Healing our Communities project in 6 hospitals 2022-2023 to inspire their patients and family! Yes, it’s a Full CHF Circle of Philanthropic Support through Board Member major contributors, to Artist Fellows, to a hospital, to the patients and family members who need gratitude in their lives during the most challenging of times.” – Lynn Trojhan of Thrive Consulting


A Garden of Gratitude will travel to these hospitals from the beginning of 2022 through April of 2023. CEOs, Foundation Directors, and Art Curators of six Ohio hospitals have chosen to thank their healthcare workers by featuring this exhibition. A Garden of Gratitude will be featured at each of these hospitals for 8 – 6 months.

  • Mount Carmel East – Columbus
    1,100 wounded healers | 20,000 visitors monthly
  • University Hospitals – Cleveland
    6,500 wounded healers | 60,800 visitors monthly
  • Kettering Medical Center – Dayton
    3,040 wounded healers | 29,400 visitors monthly
  • Grandview Medical Center – Dayton
    1,329 wounded healers | 30,200 visitors monthly
  • McLaren St. Luke’s Hospital – Toledo
    1,500 wounded healers | 13,800 visitors monthly
  • University of Kentucky Albert B. Chandler Hospital – Lexington
  • University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Hospital




If you would like more information or to donate to the project, please visit The Garden of Gratitude.

To help artists like Terri gain the skills and the network to create projects like this one, give to CHF.


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