Artist Resource: Estate Planning Workbook

Source: Joan Mitchell Foundation website
Source: Joan Mitchell Foundation website

As a result of a partnership between the Joan Mitchell Foundation and The Art & Business Council of Greater Boston, two beneficial workbooks for visual artists were developed: “The CALL Estate Planning Workbook For Visual Artists” and “The CALL Career Documentation Guide: Archive Planning Workbook and Resource Guide”. These workbooks are a great resource for artists—as well as their families, loved one, and supporters to protect their legacy.

The CALL Estate Planning Workbook is an essential tool to preserve and advance an artist’s historical identity. Estate planning can be very difficult process. However, it helps prepare your loved ones in handing your artwork, equipment, and studio after you have passed away. This workbook helps you prepare for working with an attorney or your team on the estate planning process with an estate planning questionnaire, information about copyright and more.

The CALL Career Documentation Guide is a great tool to help an artist, artist’s assistant, legacy specialist, family member, or friend in the process of career documentation. The process of career documentation can be very tedious, but is all about valuing an artist’s artwork and career. This workbook helps artists assess what they have or have not archived, develop and/or improve on an inventory and archiving system, and set realistic archiving goals that are comprehensive and sustainable.

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About The Joan Mitchell Foundation
The Joan Mitchell Foundation celebrates the legacy of Joan Mitchell and expands her vision to support the aspirations and development of diverse contemporary artists. Creating a Living Legacy (CALL) is an initiative of the Joan Mitchell Foundation designed to provide support to mature artists in the areas of studio organization, archiving, inventory management, and through this work create a comprehensive and usable documentation of their artworks and careers.

About The Art & Business Council of Greater Boston
The mission of the Art & Business Council of Greater Boston is to strengthen a vibrant arts community by providing quality direct legal and business services and ongoing educational programs–some of which have existed for over 30 years–to the creative community within Massachusetts.

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