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What is The Artist Federation (TAF)?

TAF is a network for professional visual artists that is organized by artists.
Chapters are founded by artists and chapter goals determined by artists.


Share professional insights, solicit training on the business end of your career, engage in member-to-member skill exchanges.


Exchange professional contacts & referrals with other local and regional professional artists. Collaborate with other chapters.


Take charge of your enterprise AND your industry. Develop plans, standards, and strategy for an effective industry voice.

Danielle Tegeder
Danielle Tegeder: Installation, Animation, Sound & Abstract Painting

"Artists who try to go it alone often stop making their work. It’s just too difficult, and there’s so much business stuff to navigate that does not get taught in art school … When you’re in a group of artists, the camaraderie helps."

"Artists are becoming central to the art market, connecting with audiences directly, and cultivating collectors digitally. To ensure they are the ones shaping those market forces, working artists are starting to organize consistently around contact and skill exchanges, art-business education, and collaborative selling. "

Daniel DiGriz
Daniel DiGriz Consultant to TAF Founders & Chapter Leaders

TAF Chapters

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The Map is Growing

The Artist Federation joins together diverse local and regional chapters of self-organized artists who have chosen to determine their own destinies Members meet regularly to assist each other and collaborate. Federated under one banner (like a franchise), the organization is directed by its members. The Clark Hulings Foundation provides a common virtual platform, structural support, and thought leadership at a national level.

Example Chapter Map
“Provisional” chapters [P] are formed by working artists in a local/regional area. “Recognized” TAF chapters have met the minimum criteria to ensure initial viability.


For starting, operating, or supporting a chapter.


Walk-throughs, guidelines, and collateral for TAF Chapters


Quick presentation that you drive to understand TAF better.

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