Lydia Musco

musco_photoAccelerator Fell0w (2013)

In conjunction with her gallery show at the Petersham Art Center in Petersham, Massachusetts, Lydia Musco created a new outdoor sculpture specifically for the Art Center’s lawn, which contrasts her smaller pieces housed inside the building. The Clark Hulings Foundation assisted with materials, transportation, and installation of this large public work.

Although Lydia’s work is influenced by urban spaces and environments, it is equally fed by a connection to the rural, wooded landscapes she explored while growing up. Her current body of work began as a desire to create a form from the ground up in one additive action – slowly building up small layers into a complete object. Lydia is eager to pursue more public art opportunities that enable her to interact with people as they interact with her art. “I want my work to be outside of walls, to interact with, and be challenged by, the colors of trees and cars and people, to be rained on and snowed on and chewed on by squirrels.”

Musco piece

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